A free safety reporting system for New Zealand SME's

The system is available for free to all Small to Medium sized businesses in New Zealand and uses the CCNZ app to report into the Safety reporting dashboard, available through this website.

The app allows users to report the key safety messages to their company, Incidents, Near Misses, Good Practice and Suggestions in real time!

The reports are built around industry best practice, and provide Small to Medium sized business with the tools to use safety in a positive and proactive way.

Civil Contractors New Zealand have launched this app with the support of the NZ Transport Agency to make safety reporting easier and more proactive in the construction industry.

You can sign up to use the system for free at the bottom of this page.
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What does it do?

The system has 2 components, an App that allows your people to submit reports, and a viewer that allows you to see, and interpret what has been reported.
Reports Incidents,Near Miss,Good Practice and Suggestions direct from thier phone or tablet.
Shows the reports in a Map viewer, Interprets the reports in Charts and lets you access reports in Real time

Why should I sign up?

Well... the system is free and built around best practice. So if you dont have any safety systems in place yet, this gets you off to the best start.

If you have a system, but you are looking at this, then you probably want something better.

The system makes your workers more efficient, not just in the field, but in understanding the real safety issues in your business.

Free, best practice, efficient.

Best practice

Ok, im sold, how does it work?

The system is cloud hosted, which means that your data is stored centrally and is password protected, so the only people who can see your individual reports are the ones who you give access to.

To use the system, you need a computer or device which can access the internet, and an iOS (Apple) or Android device from which you can download the app.

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